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Referral Program

This program is for anyone, anywhere world wide!

Locally is more beneficial for the credits building up. Out of State is great for a free session for your referral. Read Below for Details.

Key West: Booking a wedding, I can fit in a same day session (unless I'm there for a couple days) and save you 50$ off your session with a PAID wedding for you just referring me.

Pembroke Pines:  Doesn't have to be the same day booking, all booking referral credits must be used the same yr, from the first day of the year to the last day of the year.

Referrals can add up through the year and save you money, or even free sessions.

Out of State:  NON-Florida Referrals will get you a full session on the same day.

( ex: If you live in California, Washington or where ever, someones getting married and they book me to come out there, I will make time the day of or the day after to meet up and photograph a session for you referring them. )

Here's my referral credit list: (to receive the credit, a non-refundable deposit  must be placed with the refereed client)

Mini session referral 5$

Regular session referral 10$

Wedding session referral 50$

Who doesn't love photos?

If you want business cards i can drop them off or mail some to you.

You can also send them to my website :

Make sure they give me your full name and contact info, facebook, email, or telephone number. So i can reach you to tell you that you have a credit.